What to expect: bringing baby home from hospital

Bringing baby home from hospital was a very happy occasion. When we left the hospital, of course we were very excited and walking on air. Mum & Tina were both healthy ready to come home!

Bringing Baby Home from Hospital

Mum and I, before Tina, did not have any experience with babies. And there is a lot to know before you bring baby home from hospital. I was used to older kids; the ones I could throw up into the air and rough-house with. For myself, the only baby I ever held was when my cousin ambushed me and placed her baby in my lap. She knew I would not volunteer to hold her baby, so she put her in my lap before I knew what was happening!  Well, that was probably my favorite baby until Tina, so I guess her planned work. I did not have any other baby experience.

Bringing baby home from hospital

As it happens, my in-laws live very close to us.

Bassinet ready for baby
Ready to bring baby home from hospital

So, we brought Mum & baby home to them at first. I was a little reluctant about this; but I admit it worked out well. Bebia (grandma) helped Mum and baby immensely. Mum was a little weak after leaving the hospital, so it was a great advantage to have some extra help on hand. We got used to diaper changes, feeding baby, starting to set a routine (ok, adjusting to baby’s routine), holding baby, using a Boppy, etc.

What is a Boppy you ask?  I had come across these in my pre-baby research, and my Mum sent one to us (thanks Gram!). It was very useful –

when seated, you place the boppy on your lap (it is a pillow that wraps around you), and then it gives support as you hold the baby. Very useful, when you are holding the baby for extended period, so your arms do not get too tired. Also, mothers can use it when feeding. Later, you can use the Boppy to help baby sit up – it gives them support when they are still getting the strength to sit unaided. Overall, this was a very useful item – especially in the beginning.

After a week there, Mum was feeling much stronger, and much more confident, and so both Mum and Tina came home to our house. It was like we were bringing baby home from hospital a second time!

Home Sweet Home

I remember when I carried Tina into our home for the first time: I  placed her on the day bed and she grabbed my finger with her hand – and would not let go. How amazing! I decided then I would never force her to. If she holds me, I will wait for her to let go; I won’t be the one to break the hold.

Baby holding a finger
Don’t let go – Baby holding tight to a finger

Although we now use cloth diapers, we did not use them for the first two or three weeks. We were still getting used to so much – we figured we would wait a bit until we were a little more settled in the baby life. After a few days of using both – we adjusted to cloth diapers and rarely use the disposable ones anymore. Although we still use them at night.



Just another reason why Amazing Fatherhood.

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