Fatherhood is Amazing

Imagine if you could become a better father and master the amazing experience of fatherhood.

Fatherhood is challenging, exciting, and hard work; nevertheless, it is also Amazing. In the 21st Century, fathers are an incalculable resource, yet are in short supply – and Amazing Fathers are scarce. AmazingFatherhood.com is for new fathers – learning to adapt to fatherhood, striving to become not just ordinary dads, but Amazing Fathers. We aim to explain the system and to provide ideas and solutions to fellow fathers. By gaining and sharing knowledge and expertise, to make the challenges of fatherhood a little easier, we each attain more out of fatherhood. We encourage each of us to dedicate more to our duties of fatherhood, and aspire to increase father-child involvement – which is vitally important for both the child and the dad.


Fatherhood is Amazing

This is the premise of this website. Every father (I hope) recognizes this self-evident truth.

It is Amazing – to hold your child in your arms the very first time.

It is Amazing – when your baby grabs one of your fingers with their whole hand and does not let go – and you hope they never do.

It is Amazing – when you come home and your baby sees you, recognizes you and smiles – and does not want to look at anyone else.

It is Amazing – when you hold your child and realize how dependent they are on you, how important you are to them, how important your influence will be over their life – for good or ill.

It is Amazing – to hear you child laugh and laugh and laugh.

Beachside Fatherhood

The importance of Fatherhood

In prior generations, a man became a man when he became a father, when he had a family of his own. Unfortunately, fatherhood and parenthood in general is downplayed in  modern society, related to side-role instead of the primary role of a man’s life. Role – that is not the right word. Purpose. Fatherhood and family ought to be a man’s purpose. Few people have jobs that are more important.

The adventure of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The sleepiness of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The importance of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The obligation of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The duty of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The honor of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The hard-work of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The responsibility of Fatherhood is Amazing.

The magnificence of Fatherhood is Amazing.


So, I hope you understand the starting premise of this website. Since I am relatively new to fatherhood, I wanted to share some of my experiences and thoughts, and some of the lessons learned.

Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility, but unfortunately it has been a bit neglected and underscored lately. That is unfortunate. You know why? Because,

Fatherhood is Amazing.

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