Mornings with Tina – Morning Routine with Baby

Tina, my daughter, is a wee little lass. She is still a baby and new to this world. But her mother and I have worked out certain procedures. It is important to have a dependable morning routine with baby. Here is our morning routine.

mountain sunrise - start of morning routine with baby
Morning sunrise

Waking up

I tend to be an early riser, so when I wake up, usually between 6-7 am, I turn on the coffee and take over baby-watch. Sometimes I wake up because she is fussy and wakes me up; but usually I wake up on my own. If she is still sleeping well, then I have some solo time until she wakes up.

Mum handles baby-watch through the night and feeds her. Which is good, since I can be a deep sleeper. When baby wakes up in the morning, Mum will feed her and hand her off to me. This starts our morning routine with baby.

First things first

Of course, a diaper change is often in order. But I may try to delay this – not always good idea to be too physically active right after feeding! Usually better to wait 15-20 minutes then change the diaper. Although, sometimes her diaper is full and causes her to cry – in which case it needs to be changed forthwith!

Two rocking chairs on a porch
Rocking Chair – a central part of the morning routine with baby

Next step is usually to pour coffee, with Tina in my other arm, then sit in the rocking chair and relax together. The rocking chair is our go-to chair when holding the baby. It is our bust chair for holding her and being comfortable. Also, the rocking can help sooth the baby (and the parent!).

We use cloth diapers. Usually when she does #2, Mum takes over the diaper change. But in the mornings it is down to me. I have had some dirty jobs in my life, was a NYPD officer and a US Marine, but this is by far the dirtiest job that i never minded to do.

Music to the rescue

Music can be an important part of the morning routine with baby. Especially if Tina is not sleepy and is active. My parents sent us an Amazon Echo Dot – so, I will plug this in before we sit down. Then I will sing to her or ask Alexa to play some music.

There is a lot of buzz about Mozart for babies, although there are some counter arguments to this theory,   I am not fully convinced of the efficacy of Mozart for babies, but I certainly think Mozart is exponentially better than pop music for a baby to listen to. So, if I can encourage her to appreciate classical (real) music over pop music – that is worth a shot!

However, often I sing to her myself. Now I am not a natural singer, by any stretch; but Tina has never complained. I tend to sing some classic lullabies, but also some Irish music as well.

In fact, we sometimes listen to (and sing along to) the Irish Rovers on Alexa. I remember when i was a young lad, although much older than she is now, when I visited my aunt & uncle alone for the first time. My aunt played the Irish Rovers, especially The Unicorn, for me repeatedly during my visit. So, of course, that is a favorite for Tina & me.

Chance for reading

stack of books and coffee
I am always reading my way through a stack of books

If I am not singing lullabies, and Tina is restful, I will use my Kindle to read. I sit in the rocking chair with the Kindle (and mug of coffee) in a chair next to it. I can read and hold the baby at the same time. It is much easier to read from than a book, while holding a baby.

Traditionally, I was always an avid book reader; but over the last few years, especially as I traveled more I have transitioned to the Kindle. I also tend to read many books at once. I used to have a stack of books next to my reading chair; now an even larger number of books on my Kindle’s carousal.

If she is quiet, I might get in a couple of good hours of reading, which is a great way to start the day.

Importance of a Morning Routine with Baby

Routines are important. In our often hectic schedules, where every week and even every day is different, we can forsake a basic daily routine. But to do so is a mistake. By keeping some stable routines, we anchor our lives. This is especially important for a young child, who is just figuring out how the world works and can really appreciate routines that can be relied upon.

 large field turned into a calendar with a volume of people walking around at The Centre Pompidou
Importance of morning routine with baby

Mothers and fathers are different. Mothers tend to be more protective, fathers less so. Fathers tend to rough house more. Both are needed and are important. One of the common conflicts that can arise, is the mother correcting the father (don’t do that!; hold the baby this way, not that way; do this instead). Of course, I try to defer to mum’s view, after all she is with the baby almost 24/7. (This also makes life easier.)

However, mornings are mine. Just Tina and I. That is nice too.

This allows Mum to get some extra sleep – and she can use it! During the summer, I can go into work a little later; so, Mum sometimes sleeps in until 10am. Although, usually she wakes around 8 or 9am. But I know she does not often nap during the day, so I try to keep baby happy and quiet in the mornings for as long as I can. Of course, sometimes she is hungry and needs her Mum!

Of course Tina often falls back asleep. Then I place her in her playpen – and I have been issued a liberty card – until she or Mum wake up!


Just another reason why Amazing Fatherhood.

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