I never really understood why they called this a pacifier – until I saw how well it worked with my daughter! Instantly, I fully understood.

Some babies do not take to pacifiers, or it is hit & miss – working occasionally but not all the time. Of course pacifiers are not a panacea – they will not always work – but they can be very effective to make a baby quite and pacified. (Although I still remember how shocked, surprised, and disappointing I was, when I saw our daughter crying full scream – with a pacifier in her mouth!)

So the question is: what pacifier to use? What guidelines for its use?

Doctors recommend not using until breastfeeding is going well and the baby naturally used to that process. Other medical advice …. LINK  I am not a doctor – so make sure to ask your  baby doctor what they recommend.

It is always good to have more than one ready. If one drops on the ground (and it will), you do not want to use it again without washing it. So next to our rocking chair, we have a little plastic dish, where we keep a couple of these (as well as a little towel to wipe her mouth). We keep another pacifier in her crib – for this one we do not attach a chain, since it has no where to fall. The chain or strap is necessary – do not neglect this simple piece of gear that will make your life so much easier.


My cousin’s kids used this. Mum was a little wary at first, since they are a big circle, she was afraid it would cover her month/nose and affect breathing – but it does not, it is perfectly fine. Quickly, it became Mum’s favorite. We usually use this as the bassinet/crib pacifier – without a chain. Depending on the chain you use, it is not as chain-friendly as some other pacifiers, since location of the hole.


This is a great pacifier. In fact, we just ordered more of these. Tina seems to like them. The only minor drawback – is the location of the hole for the chain.


These are good. They are a harder plastic than most of the other pacifiers, which is some concern when baby starts to suck on the wrong end of the pacifier – but it is fine and causes no problems. It has a large loop to easily attach a chain.


These are very good. The entire pacifier is very soft. It has a large ring – easy to attach any type of chain. This has always been one of my favorites.


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